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The Price of Free WillThis is me…

I was born in a hospital that no longer exists in the city of Lasalle, Quebec in 1973.

I grew up as a Canadian child in Russian occupied Poland (And yeah, that is a novel I’m going to write. I’m just waiting until I’m a little bit older… feels like something a writer should write around the age of 50, no?)

We returned to Canada in 1983 and I’ve been living in Montreal ever since.

I’ve just published my first science-fiction novel. It was quite a feat to achieve. Think about it. I’m an anglophone science-fiction writer (sci-fi no less!) living in a francophone province trying to publish a book in English. It was a fun ride!) It’s a little piece about Singularity, the emergence of cognizant artificial intelligence. Well, it’s more of a human story than anything else. Anyway, I digress…

While I wait for my novels to make me millions (hahahaha! oh that’s precious), I work at a marketing firm and I’m in charge of writing and research. Isn’t that just the perfect job for a science-fiction writer? Smart people those Exo people.

I’m married to God herself and worship of the Leannah is the only religion I ascribe to. If that makes an atheist, well, so be it, if not, I’ll gladly remain a heathen.

Oh, one last thing. My big opinionated mouth has gotten me into trouble on many, many, many an occasion… So well, sorry in advance… But I believe that debate is good. Things that make us think are good. That’s why I so often take a strong position on many issues. I like to push concepts to see where exactly their breaking points are. I don’t know, maybe it’s a writer thing… Well, that or maybe I’m just an ass… Or, well, maybe it could be both, but I don’t think so. I think it’s a writer thing.

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